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For the information about Environmental Permits for all state agencies check out the 21st Edition of the Montana Index of Environmental Permits guidebook published in 2018 by the Legislative Services Environmental Quality Council.

Permitting and Operator Assistance

A - Prospecting Forms
  1. Notice of Intent Form - Word
  2. Short Form - Word
  3. Long Form - Word
  4. Renewal Form - Word
  5. Transfer Form- Word
  6. Assignment Form - Word
  7. Monthly/Annual Prospecting Report Form - Excel
  8. Bond Release Form - Word
B - Surface Mine Permit Forms
  1. Application/Amendment Form - Word
  2. Renewal Form - Word
  3. Transfer Form - Word
  4. Assignment Form - Word
  5. Bond Release Form - Word
C - Blasting Forms
  1. Application/Renewal Form - Word
  2. New Blaster Affidavit - Word
  3. Renewal Blaster Affidavit - Word
  4. Blaster Training Manual - pdf
  5. Online Blasting Classes Approved for Montana:
    1. ISEE Practical Blasting Fundamentals (16 hours)
    2. Academy Blasting: Basics of Blasting (4 hours)
    3. IME eLearning Modules Based on IME SLPs
    4. ISEE Blaster Training 2020 Webinar Series (16 hours)
D - Other Forms
  1. Map Affidavit - Word
  2. Permit Update Affidavit - Word
E - Guidelines
  1. Submittal Guidelines - pdf
  2. Annual Report Standard -pdf
  3. Annual Hydro Report Standard -pdf
    1. Quality Assurance Summary Report - pdf
    2. Monitoring and Quality Assurance Plan - pdf 
  4. Cultural and Historic Resource Guidelines - pdf
  5. Erosional Features Guidelines -pdf
  6. Postmine Topography Plan Guidelines - pdf
  7. Soil, Overburden and Regraded Spoil Guidelines - pdf
  8. Vegetation Sampling Guidelines - pdf
  9. Fish and Wildlife Guidelines - pdf
  10. Approximate Original Contour Guidelines - pdf
F - Reference Documents
  1. U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service,1951 Soil Survey Manual - ARM 17.24.301(114)
  2. U.S.D.A Soil Conservation Service, National Soils Handbook - ARM 17.24.301(115)
  3. U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service, Soil Taxonomy (Handbook 436) - ARM 17.24.301(115)
  4. U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service, Technical Release No. 60 (Earth Dams and Reservoirs) - ARM 17.24.642(1)(f)
  5. U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service, Pond 378 - ARM 17.24.642(1)(f)
  6. 40 CFR Part 136, Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants - ARM 17.24.645(6)
  7. Montana DEQ, Montana Numeric Water Quality Standards, Circular WQB-7- ARM 17.24.645(6)
  8. 40 CFR Part 434, Coal Mining Point Source Category BPT, PAT, PCT Limitations and New Source Performance Standards - ARM 17.24.646(6)
  9. U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service, Land Capability Classification for Montana - ARM 17.24.746
  10. Maas and Hoffman, Crop Salt Tolerance-Current Assessment - ARM 17.24.806(1)
  11. 30 CFR 761.16 - ARM 17.24.1133(3)
A - Operating Permit
  1. New Application: Single/Multiple Quarry Mine Site Permit - PDF
  2. Annual Renewal Form - PDF
  3. Annual Renewal Form for Multi-Site Permits - PDF
  4. Spreadsheet for Multi-Site Permit Renewal - Excel
B - Exploration Licenses
  1. New Application or Amendment to License Packet - PDF
  2. Annual Renewal Form - PDF
C - Small Miner Exclusion Statement
  1. New Small Miner Exclusion Statement (SMES) Packet - PDF
  2. Annual Renewal Form - PDF
D - Bond Forms

Please contact the Permit License Technician at 444-4953 for the bond instrument forms.

  1.  Reclamation Bond Requirements - PDF
E - Other Government Requirements/Guidelines

Additional guidelines or permit requirements associated with hard rock mining from other government entities

  1. Sage Grouse Advisory
  2. Exploration and Mining on State Lands/School Trust - Department of Natural Resources Trust Lands Management
  3. Mining Claims on Federal Land - Bureau of Land Management Montana/Dakotas
  4. DEQ Water Protection Bureau - MPDES/Storm Water Permits
  5. USDA Forest Service
  6. US Army Corps of Engineers

UPDATE - Forms have all been updated with a date of 09/21 in the footer.

As of November 1, 2021 previous versions of the forms will not be accepted.

HB 599 was signed by the Governor on Friday, May 14, 2021. As a result, the new forms are now available on our website.

Request for Pre-Application Meeting

DEQ strongly recommends Operators request a meeting before submitting an application. In response, an Opencut scientist will contact the Operator and schedule a visit to provide guidance on the application process and recommendations on the proposed Opencut operation. Activities within or adjacent to designated sage grouse habitats require consultation with the Montana Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program. The DEQ Sage Grouse Advisory is also a source of information.

  1. Request for Pre-Application Meeting
A - Instructional Documents

These guidance documents may provide additional assistance for permitting activities:

  1. Which Permit do I Need?
  2. Electronic Submittal of Opencut Documents
  3. eBill Payment Instructions
D - Liability or Bond Release Request Form

Upon Completion of Reclamation, use the following form to request Liability or Bond Release:

  1. Phase I Release Request
  2. Phase II Release Request
F - Other Forms
G - Guidelines

The following documents provide technical guidance for Opencut permitting process:

  1. Map Guideline
  2. Seed Mix Guideline
  3. Soil Guideline
  4. Wash Plant Settling Pond Guideline
  5. Class III Cultural Resources Inventory Guideline
H - Worksheets

Use these worksheets to help you in the Opencut permitting process:

  1. Determining Depth to Groundwater Worksheet
  2. Pond and Wetland Design Worksheet
  3. Stream/Waterway Worksheet
J - Archaeology Information and Forms

Cultural Resource Submittal Procedure:

  1. Submit two copies and one digital copy (CD/DVD/Thumb Drive or File Transfer Service) of the following to:

      James Strait
      Montana DEQ
      Dir. Office
      1520 E 6th Ave
      Helena, MT 59601

  •       Do not submit copies of the Archaeological Reports to Opencut as this is confidential data.  Opencut only requires the “Concurrence” letter from SHPO to be submitted with the application.
  •       Please ensure there is an un-attached and completed CRABS form accompanying the report:
  •       Montana File Transfer Service instructions:  (DO NOT send via email.)
  1. SHPO Forms Website:
  2.  Request a SHPO report using the Opencut form above (under B-8)
  3. Refer to G-6 above for completing and submitting a Class III Archaeological Report (i.e., -obtaining SHPO "Concurrence")
  4. Small Scale Inventory Report Form
  5. SHPO How To Process - PDF

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