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Tanks, Waste & Recycling

Tanks, Waste & Recycling Program Overview

DEQ's Waste Management and Remediation Division protects human health and the environment by preventing exposure to contaminants, working with Montana communities and businesses to implement effective material management and cleanup strategies, and overseeing compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. It oversees and conducts or supports remedial investigation and efficient, cost-effective cleanup activities at state and federal superfund sites; supervises voluntary cleanup activities; reclaims abandoned mine lands; implements corrective actions at sites; and administers regulatory asbestos, methamphetamine, and waste management programs.


Tanks, Waste & Recycling 

Main Number
(406) 444-5300

(406) 444-1374

Division Administrator
Jenny Chambers (406) 444-6383

Waste and Underground Tank Management Bureau Chief
Rick Thompson (406) 444-5345

Hazardous Materials Supervisor
Denise Brunett (406) 444-4096

Solid Waste Management Supervisor

Underground Storage Tanks Supervisor
Emily Ewart (406) 444-4194

Recycling Program

Main Number
(406) 444-6499 or (406) 444-2835

Motor Vehicle Recycling & Disposal Program

Main Number
(406) 444-3048

Septic Tank Pumpers & Land Farms

Main Number
(406) 444-5345

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