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Underground Storage Tanks 

Program Overview

The goal of the Montana Underground Storage Tank (UST) Leak Prevention Program is to protect human health and the environment by preventing releases of petroleum and hazardous substances from UST systems. The release of these regulated products into the environment threatens groundwater resources and can cause explosive vapors to seep into confined spaces and occupied dwellings. Just discovered a tank on your property? Review the Discovered Tanks requirements.

Please visit Permitting and Operator Assistance for owner and operator information, facility summary sheets, UST forms, permitting, and licensing information. Resources hosts a range of guidance and mapping material, technical resources for licensees, and the Laws and Regulations pertaining to Underground Storage Tanks. Can't find the data you are looking for? Use our Records Request button to submit a records request.


  • UST systems are properly constructed and designed using recognized industry standards

  • Installations, repairs and removals are conducted and inspected by qualified, trained and licensed individuals

  • Active USTs are properly operated and monitored for releases

  • Upon closure, USTs are properly decommissioned and sites assessed for contamination

  • Maintain an updated Do Not Fill Report: it is a substantial violation to fill these UST systems.

Proposed Underground Storage Tank Rule Changes

Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s Underground Storage Tank Program is pleased to release a draft proposal for the revision of the Administrative Rules for Underground Storage Tanks. Utilizing input from Stakeholders, the tank Stakeholder meetings, and reflecting on updated “best practices” since the last revision in 2019, the proposed package serves to bring the rules in line with the needs of today.

An electronic copy of the draft proposal will be available on the UST webpage and provided electronically upon request. A link to the draft proposal is here: Full Draft 


ARM 17.56.1303 Draft Proposal 1-24-24 update


Please note that the meeting and our request for input are informal processes to obtain the comments of interested parties on the proposed revisions.  A formal rulemaking process under the Montana Administrative Procedure Act, including a public hearing and the opportunity for public comment on the final proposed rules, will occur in 2024, an adoption date is tentatively planned for September 2024.

The informal Stakeholder meeting was held virtually on January 30, 2024, from 6 pm to 8 pm by Zoom. The proposed rules were discussed to facilitate focused input based on Stakeholder interest. If you missed the meeting click here for the video of the stake holder meeting. 

 The draft document consists of three main parts; items proposed for removal have been “struck through” (struck through), new language being proposed has been “underlined” (underlined), and a reason statement has been inserted following each section of the ARM to provide insight into the perceived need.

Your input during this stage is crucial before the formal rulemaking process is started. During the informal stage, please direct all comments (in written form) to the Waste Management Bureau Rule Expert at where they will be compiled and evaluated by the rulemaking team. DEQ will not be providing written responses in this informal stage. Comments should cite the location being referenced (ie. 17.56.1304(1)), and if possible, provide a suggestion on rewording or reformulating the concept if not proposing a complete removal. To facilitate the process, please provide any informal comments by February 09, 2024, close of business.

The department believes the package represents an implementable set of rules for both program staff and industry. We look forward to your comments.

To sign up for the interested parties list please follow this link

For informal comments please fill out the informal comment form and return it to the DEQ 

For a quick look at the rule summary click here

General Contact

DEQ UST Program (406) 444-5300

UST Contacts

UST Program Section Supervisor
Seth Hendrix (406) 444-1416

Compliance Inspection Review
Brett Smith (406) 444-0485

Compliance Assistance
Kitrina Persson (406) 444-1415

Joey Kane  (406) 556-4516 

Data Control Specialist
Kathleen Caeton (406) 444-4656

Construction Permits
Seth Hendrix (406) 444-1416
Dylan Lang
  (406) 444-6758

Database Analyst
Kent Knudsen (406) 444-3840

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