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The public has a constitutional right to know provided in Article II, Part II of the Montana Constitution, which states, No person shall be deprived of the right to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of all public bodies or agencies of state government and its subdivisions, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure. 

DEQ’s records team is here to help ensure public records are accessible to all. This page provides links to several online resources to help you find or request information. Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us!

Records & Information Management Contacts

Contact us:

Agency RIM Analyst
Daisy Dyrdahl-Roberts
(406) 444-6701

Air, Energy, & Mining
Sharona Gilbert (406) 444-4966

Camie Westfall (406) 444-9093

Waste Management, Remediation, & Tanks
Deb Sutliff (406) 444-6796

Water Quality
Candice Gernand (406) 444-4643

Find Public Information

Use the two resources below to search for available information and documents. DEQ’s mapping data allows you to search for project sites and permitting information in your area by using a map of the state. You can download data from the map or use what you find to reach out to DEQ for more information. The archive of records requests allows you to search for previously released information on a topic of interest.

Trending Topics

To assist with your search, DEQ maintains a list of “trending topics” and the information that has already been published on these topics. Below you can find links to previously published public information requests on high-interest topics. If you follow a link, you can find the text of the original request and download any/all responsive documents that were released in response.

Request Records & Information

Not finding what you are looking for? Submit a records request below. A records request, sometimes called a “public information request” or “FOIA request,” is a request from a member of the public to a government agency to view records created by that agency.

Clicking the button below, you will be directed to our external public record management site. Simply use your existing credentials to log in, or, if you haven't submitted a records request before, follow the prompts to create an account.

DEQ staff will follow up with you to help ensure you receive the information you need in an efficient manner. If you need a little more information, check out the frequently asked questions below or contact us.


Montana has very broad laws governing information requests. All of DEQ’s records are subject to review by the public, except in cases where individual privacy is at stake. DEQ will only withhold information if it contains personal identifying information, medical information, confidential business information, or records subject to attorney/client privilege.
DEQ strives to fulfill all records requests within 30 days. Simple requests (e.g. a single report, a list of attendees at a public meeting, a permit/license, etc.) typically take much less time; however, requests for large amounts of information and/or information that will need extensive review from an attorney may take longer.
DEQ receives close to 1,000 public information requests each year. In order to track and fulfill requests effectively and efficiently, DEQ uses an online public information request portal. DEQ will only use the information you provide to fulfill your information request(s); we will not contact you for any other reason and we do not track your personal data.
Montana Code Annotated 2-6-1006(3), provides public agencies the ability to charge fees for fulfilling public information requests.

DEQ charges the following fees:
  1. Actual hourly rate of staff fulfilling the request (i.e., gathering files & information, research, copying, scanning)
  2. $.10 per sheet of paper for copying
  3. Actual cost for storage media, postage, and mailing materials
  4. Actual cost for retrieval of records from off-site storage
  5. Actual cost for any other incidentals directly related to the request
DEQ will waive all fees for:
  1. Requests for which fees total less than $20.00
  2. Requests from local, state, tribal, and federal government agencies
  3. Requests from DEQ contractors
  4. Requests from state or federal legislators (or their staff) that are made for legislative purposes
  5. Requests from journalists that are made for journalistic purposes
  6. Requests from students who provide proof of current enrollment

If you make multiple requests for which fees total less than $20.00, DEQ will add up the fees you accrue each quarter and bill for that total. If your total fees for the quarter are still under $20.00, they will still be waived.

When fees are incurred, DEQ requires the fees to be paid in advance of releasing any responsive records or information responsive to a requester.

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