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Program Overview

Montana DEQ works with two different types of Superfund sites.

Federal Superfund: In 1980 Congress passed a law called the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) which is informally called Superfund. This law gives the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the funds and authority to clean up the nations most contaminated locations. CERCLA also forces the parties responsible for the contamination to either perform cleanups or reimburse the government for EPA-led cleanup work. For these Federal Superfund sites, DEQ is typically a supporting agency and works with the EPA to ensure these locations get cleaned up for Montana's people and environment.

State Superfund: The State Superfund Unit facilitates the investigation and cleanup of hazardous substances that typically occur at sites with the following activities: mining, petroleum refining, railroad fueling and maintenance, smelting, dry cleaning, and wood treating, truck roll overs, pipeline releases, and spills, among others. Releases from these types of sites are ranked based on potential risks to public health and the environment. Site investigation and cleanup activities focus primarily on sites which have maximum or high priority rank, unless the investigation and cleanup is undertaken voluntarily. Typically the State Superfund Unit does not work on federal superfund sites where EPA is involved.

Superfund Contacts

Federal Superfund 
Federal Superfund Section Supervisor
Kevin Stone (406) 444-0214

State Superfund
Site Response Section Supervisor
Hannah McDermott (406) 444-6578


State Superfund Section Supervisor
Moriah Bucy (406) 444-6366

Fax Number
(406) 444-6783