Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program

Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program

Program Overview

The Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) provides low-interest loans to increase investments in alternative energy systems and energy conservation measures in Montana.

The AERLP was established by the 57th Montana Legislature in 2001 and is managed by the Montana Energy Office, a bureau of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Since its inception, the program has provided financing for more than $10.3 million in alternative energy systems and energy saving measures installed in Montana homes and businesses. The revolving loan program is principally funded by air quality penalties collected by DEQ.

The interest rate for 2020 is fixed at 3.25 percent.

Demand for AERLP loans is expected to exceed available funds this quarter. Pursuant to the administrative rules guiding the program (Administrative Rules of Montana, Title 17, Chapter 85), DEQ has established ranking criteria to prioritize new, eligible applications for funding. Please see the Ranking Criteria & Procedures for more details. DEQ staff will continue to accept and review loan applications on a rolling basis. New applications received on or after August 23, 2019 that clear both technical and financial review will be included in the next scoring, ranking, and funding round. The next round is tentatively scheduled for February 5, 2020. Please contact AERLP staff with questions. Posted August 23, 2019 and updated November 19, 2019.