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Water Quality | General Permit: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) | Statewide (except within the boundaries of Indian Reservations | Comment Period Closes August 21, 2023

  • July 13 2023

General Permit:  Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)

Statewide (except within the boundaries of Indian Reservations)

Owners/Operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations



The renewal of this Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation General Permit (CAFO GP) will continue to provide statewide general permit coverage for owner/operators of animal feeding operations that meet the definition of a CAFO as defined by 75-5-801 MCA.  The Montana Discharge Elimination System (MDPES) requirements for CAFOs apply to all animals in confinement at the operation and to all manure, litter, and process wastewater generated by those animals or by the production of those animals, regardless of the type of animal. The renewal is for a five-year cycle.

On August 21st 10:30 AM, a public hearing will be held in Room 111 at DEQ offices in the Metcalf Building in Helena and remote via Zoom ( on the draft general permit, fact sheet, environmental assessment, and DEQ’s tentative determination to reissue the permit. Please contact Hannah New at on or before AUGUST 14, 2023, for details on how to attend.

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Comment Period Ends:  August 21, 2023

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