About the Nutrient Work Group

  Staff Contact: Christina Staten 
Phone: (406) 444-2836

The Nutrient Work Group is an advisory work group, convened by the Department of Environmental Quality, representing publicly owned and privately owned point sources of pollution, nonpoint sources of pollution, and other interested parties that will advise the Department on the implementation of nutrient water quality standard together with associated economic impacts.

Next Meeting

Date Time Location Agenda
May 26, 2021 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Via Zoom Agenda with Zoom information to be posted soon

WPCAC Members

Work Group Members
Name & Affiliation Telephone Number
Area Code 406
    Point Source Discharger: Large Municipal Systems (greater than 1 MGD)
    Point Source Discharger: Mid-Sized Mechanical Systems (1 MGD or less)
    Point Source Discharger: Small Municipal Systems with Lagoons
    Point Source Discharger: Non-POTW
    Farming-Oriented Agriculture
    Livestock-Oriented Agriculture
    Environmental Advocacy Organization
    Conservation Organization: Local
    Conservation Organization: Regional
    Conservation Organization: Statewide
    Water or Fishing-Based Recreation
    Federal Land Management Agencies
    Federal Regulatory Agencies
    State Land Management Agencies
    County Water Quality Districts or Planning Departments
    Soil and Water Conservation Districts – East of the Continental Divide
    Soil and Water Conservation Districts – West of the Continental Divide
    Wastewater Engineering Firms

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