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Miscellaneous Notices

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Type of Notice
September 12, 2018 DEQ is seeking comments for licensing of a motor vehicle wrecking facility application submitted by Justin Quist for 406 Salvage and Auto, 1817 US Highway 93 North, Victor, Montana, Section 7, Township 7 North, Range 20 West, Ravalli County Montana Dept of Environmental Quality
Motor Vehicle Recycling &  Disposal Program
P.O. Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620-0901


Public Notice

August 24, 2018 Comment and public meeting notice for proposed changes to Underground Storage Tank rules Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Underground Storage Tank Section
PO Box 200901
Helena, MT  59620
(406) 444-5300
notice of public hearing on proposed adoption and amendment of rules
May 31, 2017 at 9AM To consider amendment of Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 17.30.660 pertaining to nutrient standards variances.

Myla Kelly 

PO Box 200901
Helena, MT  59620
(406) 444-3639

Public Notice