Watershed Restoration Planning

Nonpoint Source Projects Map

Montana DEQ encourages the development of locally-led Watershed Restoration Plans (WRPs) as a means of charting a path to improved water quality. All 319-funded projects must implement practices identified in a DEQ-accepted Watershed Restoration Plan.


WRP Sponsor Status
Beaverhead Beaverhead Watershed Committee Accepted 2014, under revision, will include Red Rock
Bitterroot Bitter Root Water Forum Accepted 2020
Blackfoot River Blackfoot Challenge Accepted 2014
Central Clark Fork Tributaries   Under Development
Clarks Fork Yellowstone   Under Development
Clearwater Clearwater Resource Council Under Development
Deep Creek Broadwater Conservation District Accepted 2014
Flathead Lake Flathead Lakers Accepted 2014
Flathead Stillwater Flathead Conservation District Accepted 2017
Flint Creek Granite Headwaters Watershed Group Accepted 2014
Kootenai Basin Kootenai River Network Inc Accepted 2015
Lake Helena Lake Helena Watershed Group/Lewis & Clark Water Quality Protection District Accepted 2016
Little Blackfoot Trout Unlimited Accepted 2016
Lolo Creek Lolo Watershed Group Accepted 2013
Lower Clark Fork Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group Accepted 2019
Lower Gallatin Greater Gallatin Watershed Council Accepted 2014
Lower Jefferson River Trout Unlimited Under Development
Madison River Madison Conservation District Under Development
Miller Creek Missoula Valley Water Quality Protection District Accepted 2018
Middle and Lower Big Hole Watershed Big Hole Watershed Committee Accepted 2013, Under Revision
Middle Fork Judith Trout Unlimited Under Development
Ninemile Creek Trout Unlimited Accepted 2013
Rock Creek Trout Unlimited Accepted 2018
Ruby Ruby Watershed Group Accepted 2015
Shields River Watershed Park Conservation District Accepted 2012
St. Regis Trout Unlimited Under Development
Sun River Sun River Watershed Group Accepted 2012, Under Revision
Swan Basin Swan Ecosystem Center Accepted 2012
Teton River Teton Watershed Group Accepted 2010
Thompson River Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group Accepted 2018
Upper & North Fork Big Hole Watershed Big Hole Watershed Committee Accepted 2012
Upper Clark Fork River Tributaries Watershed Restoration Coalition Accepted 2012
Upper Gallatin River Blue Water Task Force Accepted 2012
Upper Jefferson Jefferson River Watershed Council Under Development