The 2015 Montana Legislature passed Senate Bill325, which is intended to provide tools to protect users of Montana’s waters from having to clean up pollution that those users did not cause. The new language from the bill was codified as Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 75-5-222, which contains two provisions that require rulemaking. The first piece of the statute states that the Department of Environmental Quality cannot use water quality standards that are more stringent than the nonanthropogenic -- or natural -- condition of a water body. The second piece of the statute states that if pollution upstream of a discharger is due to anthropogenic sources, a variance from standards may be appropriate under certain conditions.

SB 325 Rulemaking Workgroup

The SB 325 Rulemaking Workgroup is made up of individuals from Montana representing widely varying interests. The purpose of the workgroup is to work with DEQ to draft rules that implement MCA 75-5-222 in accordance with other state and federal regulations.

Adoption of rules for MCA 75-5-222 is the responsibility of the Board of Environmental Review. Therefore, rules drafted by DEQ and the SB 325 Rulemaking Workgroup will ultimately go before the Board for consideration and adoption. 


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