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DEQ assists communities with constructing and maintaining wastewater and drinking water infrastructure that provides safe drinking water and produces effluent that protects human health and the environment. DEQ’s engineering staff review plans and specifications for new public water and wastewater systems or requests to modify existing systems to ensure compliance with Design Standards. DEQ is also the administrating agency for the State Revolving Fund Loan Programs that provide below market interest loans for eligible wastewater, drinking water, and nonpoint source pollution projects.


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The public water and wastewater engineering review program reviews plans and specifications for new systems and alterations to existing systems. Approval from DEQ is required to construct, alter or extend a public sewer system serving 15 or more families or 25 or more persons daily for any 60 or more days in a calendar year.

  1. Prior to operating, constructing, altering or extending a public water supply, the applicant must submit an engineering report along with the necessary plans and specifications to DEQ or a delegated division of local government for review and written approval.
  2. The engineering report, plans, and specifications for a community public water supply must be prepared and designed by a professional engineer according to specific engineering criteria. An engineer may be required to prepare plans and specifications for a noncommunity public water supply when the complexity of the proposed system warrants that level of involvement by an engineer.
  3. The applicant must identify the legal entity responsible for the ownership, operation, maintenance, and perpetuation of the public water supply system. If a change of ownership occurs, DEQ must receive written notice within 30 days.
  4. The department has 60 days to approve, approve with conditions, deny the application, or to request more information. The DEQ or a delegated division of local government will issue a written approval for a public water supply system if it determines that the design report, plans, and specifications are complete and the applicant has complied with department rules.
  5. If construction, alteration, or extension of the community public water supply system has not been completed within three years after approval, the applicant must resubmit all of the information required in items one through three above.
  6. Within 90 days after the construction, alteration, or extension of the public water supply system, the project engineer must certify to DEQ that the required work was completed according to the approved plans and specifications.

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