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Public Comment at DEQ Information

Welcome to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality's Public Comment Site

DEQ accepts Public Comment in a variety of ways, depending on the program and specific laws and rules that govern the programs. We accept written comments mailed to the DEQ offices at the Metcalf Building in Helena, and by email directed to a specific program, and at Public Hearings, in writing, and sometimes as recorded oral comment.

Increasingly, we accept comments submitted through dedicated websites tailored to the submission and processing of public comments. Examples of this include the main DEQ Public Comment site. These sites allow users to access detailed information about the topic under consideration, enter comments, and attach supporting material via a single web application. Also, check our Open Public Comment Periods website.

DEQ regularly holds Public Meetings and comments are sometimes accepted and recorded at these events. We also regularly purchase and post Legal/Public Notices, which may entail an opportunity for the public to provide comment. DEQ regularly performs Environmental Assessments that may entail public comment. The department will collect public comment on Environmental Impact Statements as well.

The following is a list of major programs at DEQ with a description of how we accept public comment, followed by a link to the programs’ public comment as applicable. Please be advised that DEQ will not respond to comments that are threatening, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, or discriminatory in nature.


Most public comment opportunities are through the Air Compliance Program, which administers portions of the Clean Air Act of Montana and companion regulations. Most pertain to compliance of air emissions from various types of facilities . Air programs accept public comment primarily via hard copy submissions and by email to a specific staff person.

Active Air Permits under Public Comment Review

General Water Public Notices:

General notices, rulemaking, or other amendments to Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) can be found here.

Water Discharge:

Most commonly, Environmental Assessments for Water Quality Discharge Permits will come open for public comment. These comments are typically accepted by mail to our main DEQ offices at the Metcalf Bldg., 1520 E. 6th Ave., P.O. Box 200901, Helena, MT 59620-0901 or by email to:  That site also encompasses Water Quality Notices, Public/Legal Notices, Environmental Assessments, and Public Hearings, if requested.

Storm Systems:

Public comment on Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) may occasionally come open for comment and will be accepted by mail or by email at the main DEQ address above. Nutrient Management Plans and Confined Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFOs) also occasionally come open for comment and are accepted by mail or by email at the main DEQ address above.

Total Maximum Daily Load and Integrated Report:

Occasionally our Water Quality Program issues Total Maximum Daily Load studies for streams and other water bodies and the Draft TMDL Documents will come open for public comment, usually in conjunction with a public meeting. The biannual Water Quality Integrated Report also comes open for public comment, when in draft form


Hard Rock Mining:

The Hard Rock Mining Bureau solicits comments on proposed actions, including operating permit and exploration license applications and bond releases during statutorily defined comment periods. Comments are directed to specific staff personnel.

Coal Program:

The Coal Program solicits comments on proposed actions including operating permits, permit amendments, and bond releases during statutorily defined comment periods. Comments are directed to the Main DEQ Public Comment Site.


The Opencut program regularly solicits public comment on gravel mining operations. Surface landowners in one-half mile proximity to a proposed operation are notified by the applicant and given an opportunity to comment. If full public comment is requested, the period usually remains open for the duration of the permitting process. The program has a Searchable Website where open applications and comment periods are posted. The Program also accepts comments by email at:

Waste Management:

This program encompasses Hazardous Waste, Junk Vehicle Facilities, and Solid Waste Facilities. Usually public comment will entail Environmental Assessments for facilities or for land applications, such as the Septic Pumpers Program. Solid Waste Facilities and Underground Tanks will often entail public comment. The program accepts comments by email at or by hard copy to the main DEQ address above.


These programs include Federal Superfund, State Superfund, underground storage tanks, and groundwater remediation. Any may solicit comments on documents or proposed actions. Comments are generally requested in writing via hard copy submissions or by email to a specific staff person. In some instances, verbal comments at a public hearing are accepted. The Public/Legal Notice identifying the public comment period will include details on how to comment.