Overview of Asbestos Regulations

An asbestos containing material (ACM) is any material that contains more than 1 percent asbestos;
  • If an activity becomes an "asbestos project," involving asbestos containing materials greater than 10 square feet, 3 linear feet or 3 cubic feet, the owner or operator of the facility must use an asbestos contractor.  Depending on the amount of material, Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality must receive an asbestos project permit application five to ten working days prior to the start date of the job.
  • An asbestos project is the encapsulation, enclosure, removal, repair, renovation, placement in new construction, demolition of asbestos in a building, or the transportation or disposal of asbestos-containing waste;
  • A Montana Accredited Asbestos Inspector must inspect building renovations and demolitions for ACM prior to renovation or demolition activities;
  • ACM that will be impacted by renovation or demolition activities must be removed before demolition or renovation activities begin;
  • Asbestos projects require a project permit from the Asbestos Control Program and must be done by persons with a Montana Contractor/Supervisor or Worker accreditation.

Preventing diseases and deaths associated with asbestos exposure are principle factors behind asbestos regulations. The Asbestos Control Program's regulations establish criteria for asbestos project practices, accreditation of persons in asbestos-type occupations, and a fee and permit system. (Statute: 75-2-501 et seq., MCA; Rule: ARM 17.74.301-405)

Updated 01/29/2016