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Driscoll, Paul

DEQ, Slawson Exploration Company, Resolve Air Quality Act Violations

Helena—The Montana Department of Environmental Quality announced Slawson Exploration Company, Inc., has resolved violations of the Clean Air Act of Montana at various well facilities in Richland and Roosevelt counties.

Slawson violated the CAA and Administrative Rules of Montana by failing to submit registration information and by commencing operations without registration at 23 oil or gas well facilities.  In addition, Slawson failed to adequately control volatile organic compound emissions at three facilities and failed to meet initial source testing requirements at three other facilities.

According to the Department’s John Rasmann, failure to properly register facilities and conduct the required source tests prevents the Department from ensuring compliance with the CAA.  He also states that failing to install appropriate emissions control equipment can cause harm to the environment.

Slawson corrected the registration, VOC, and source testing violations and paid a $165,300 penalty for the violations at the 29 facilities.  For additional information about the Clean Air Act of Montana, or Montana Air Quality Registration Program, please call the Air Resources Management Bureau at (406) 782-2689.


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