Bozeman Solvent Site


The Bozeman Solvent Site is located north of West Main Street and east of North 19th Avenue in Bozeman. It includes the Hastings Shopping Center (formerly the Buttrey Shopping Center) and extends north of the East Gallatin River. Soil and groundwater at the Bozeman Solvent Site have been contaminated, primarily by tetrachloroethene (PCE). PCE was historically used at a former dry cleaning business at the Hastings Shopping Center. PCE was released into the ground, or subsurface, through an old sewer line and old septic system. The PCE eventually came into contact with groundwater. Dissolved PCE is now present in the groundwater underlying the Bozeman Solvent Site at concentrations greater than Montana groundwater standards.

Bozeman Solvent Site Downloadable Documents
Downloadable Documents
Fact Sheet (June 2015)

Record of Decision (August 2011)

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