Beneficial Use of Industrial Waste/By-Products

The Department of Environmental Quality recognizes that diverting non-hazardous industrial and manufacturing by-products for recycling saves disposal costs for the generator, decreases material costs for end users, and preserves natural resources by decreasing the demand for virgin materials.  In addition, the Department encourages the beneficial use of industrial by-products to protect the environment, preserve resources, conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and reduce or eliminate the need to otherwise dispose of these materials in licensed landfills.  Unless these non-hazardous waste industrial or manufacturing by-products are used in an approved beneficial manner, they are to be managed as a solid waste.

A Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) is a determination that an industrial or manufacturing by-product material, otherwise destined for disposal, will be used in a specific and beneficial manner.  In an effort to encourage diversion from the solid waste stream, the Department’s approval of the BUD exempts the individual proposing to use this material from obtaining a solid waste management system license for the specific use identified.  As long as the material is used in compliance with the approved BUD, there is no requirement for a solid waste license.

Click on a link below to open the application form.  The form may then be completed online, printed, and mailed with all required attachments to the address below.

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Beneficial Use Determination Guidance and Application:

Beneficial Use of Industrial Waste/By-Products Guidance and Application Form

Beneficial Use Determination Annual Reporting Form:

Beneficial Use Determination Annual Reporting Form

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