Solid Waste Management Section

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The Montana DEQ regulates solid waste facilities in Montana, including community recycling activities. This includes municipal landfills, construction and demolition waste landfills, septic tank land application sites, motor vehicle recycling and recycling activities. These functions are achieved by technical reviews, licensing, certifications, compliance monitoring, training and technical assistance. Our goal is to assure that the environment is adequately protected from the hazards of waste disposal, and increasing recycling rates in Montana.

We provide the following services:

  • Technical review and licensing of solid waste treatment and disposal facility design and operational plans;
  • Conduct inspections of solid waste management facilities and provide technical assistance to maintain compliance;
  • License septic tank pumpers and inspect disposal sites for septic tank and sump wastes;
  • Provide training for owners and operators of solid waste disposal facilities;
  • Technical review and licensing of motor vehicle recycling and disposal facilities.
  • Reduce the volume and toxicity of solid wastes through source reduction, recycling, and composting.

Other Information:

NEW:  TENORM Supplemental Notice out for public review January 31, 2020 through March 2, 2020

 In response to comments regarding the Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption, MAR Notice No. 17-406, the department is proposing amendments to its originally proposed TENORM rules.

Specifically, the department is proposing to:

  • lower the radionuclide concentration (picocuries per gram - pCi/g) limit for the acceptance of TENORM waste;
  • lower the maximum gate screening exposure level (microroentgen per hour - µR/hr);
  • remove the requirements for calculating a rolling average of the radionuclide concentration of waste in a TENORM waste unit;
  • modify the requirements for filter media; and
  • modify the requirements when the total effective dose equivalent (milliroentgen equivalent man - mrem) limit is exceeded at the boundary of the TENORM waste management system. 

The department is reopening the comment period on the proposed rules only with respect to the specific provisions identified in the Supplemental Notice of Proposed Adoption.  Timely comments previously submitted on the original notice as well as comments received in response to the supplemental notice will be addressed in the adoption notice for the proposed rules.  Concerned persons may submit their comments and supporting data, concerning the proposed action in writing to: Sandy Scherer, Legal Secretary, Department of Environmental Quality, 1520 E. Sixth Ave., P.O. Box 200901, Helena, Montana 59620-0901, faxed to the office at (406) 444-4386 or emailed to Sandy Scherer at, and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., March 2, 2020.

To see the proposed supplemental rule notice, go to DEQ's Rule Notice webpage at: or contact DEQ's Solid Waste Program at (406) 444-5300.