Montana EQuIS for Tracking Remedial and Environmental Actions Data System (e-TREADS) Support

Montana EQUIS for Waste Management and Remediation Division (WMRD) Support


The WMRD EDD format is currently under revision.
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This site provides guidance for submitting Field, Lab, and Vapor Intrusion data to Montana DEQ’s EQuIS database. Montana EQuIS is DEQ’s main repository for environmental sample data, including physical, chemical, biological, and habitat data from a variety of projects across the state.

Step 1: Prepare Your EDD


Environmental monitoring data must be submitted to e-TREADS in a specific format. Data providers are required to download the e-TREADS EDD (Electronic Data Deliverable) and populate it with their project’s data. Detailed guidance for populating the e-TREADS EDD can be found in the e-TREADS Guidance Manual.



Step 2: Verify Your EDD


After Step 1 is complete, your e-TREADS EDD is ready for data verification using the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP). The EDP is a standalone application that allows data providers to check their EDD files prior to submission to ensure they are formatted as described in the e-TREADS Guidance Manual. If the EDP detects errors, the errors will be identified and most can be corrected directly within the EDP. After the errors are corrected, the EDP must be re-run to ensure that no errors remain. Your EDD must have a clean verification from the EDP prior to data submission to DEQ.



Step 3: Submit Your EDD


After Step 2 is complete and your EDD has no errors, you’re ready to submit your EDD to e-TREADS. In order to submit an EDD, you must:


  1. Have a ePASS Montana, user account
  2. Submit a TREADS Registration Form (If having trouble downloading please right click and save link as to view the document) to
  3. EQuIS Enterprise user account, (If you have problems viewing this site, please add as a trusted site in your browser’s compatibility settings)
  4. Completed e-TREADS Data Validation Form (or equivalent) (If having trouble downloading please right click and save link as to view the document)
  5. EDD, supporting files, and user certificate in a compressed file format (.zip) data package


Information about all the above requirements can be found within the e-TREADS EDD Guidance Manual.


Field Data Providers


The following field forms and EDDs are provided by DEQ to assist with project data management. Please coordinate with the DEQ Project Manager to confirm what field forms are required for your data collection effort.


Field Forms


Field EDD Examples

Data providers submitting field related data may choose to submit data with the full e-TREADS EDD available above, or a subset of the e-TREADS EDD more relevant to the data they are collecting. Below are three examples of how e-TREADS EDDs can be “minimized” for a specific collection effort:

Laboratory Data Providers


Laboratories submitting lab related data and results may choose to submit data with the full e-TREADS EDD available in Step 1, or a subset of the e-TREADS EDD specific for lab related data and results. Below is an example of how the e-TREADS EDD can be “minimized” for a lab data submission: