Data Search Requests

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality currently provides a data search tool ( for individuals to search and view information on unpermitted releases (i.e., State Superfund sites including CERCLA, CECRA, CALA, and VCRA, other Remediation response sites including ACGP, WQA, and Brownfields), and Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board sites.

The Waste Management & Remediation Division is encouraging all interested persons to visit the data search tool for all initial conflict reviews. Interested persons can query data and print site maps using the same data sets the department would use for this purpose. Maps and associated data produced from the data search tool can then be included in project planning documents as proof of site conflict search completion.

Should a person find sites in or near his or her area of interest, DEQ can then be contacted for more specific site information at (406) 444-6780.

DEQ photocopying and research charges are as follows: DEQ administrative support staff time is billed at $16.75 per hour; photocopy charge is 10 cents per page; actual cost of postage. Support staff time and 10 cent per page copy charges are not billed unless they exceed $30.00. Note: Research time is charged only if it exceeds one hour. If copying/duplication/shipping is processed by outside vendor, actual vendor cost is charged per vendor invoice.

Please remember that not all sites addressed by the Department have spatial coordinates that allow them to be plotted on a map and that there are sites with coordinates that were derived by methods that may not achieve the level of accuracy desired. In addition, there may be sites, unknown to the Department that could also impact your project. Always conduct a thorough on-site inspection and contact this Department if you find evidence of a site not in our records or identify inaccuracies in our data.

A description of the Waste Management & Remediation Division hardcopy and electronic records available for review can be found here. Other Divisions within the Montana DEQ maintain separate hardcopy files and electronic information systems. For other DEQ program information/records, you will need to contact other DEQ divisions, such as Enforcement at (406) 444-0379. The main Public Records Center is the main source for Freedom of Information Act requests.