Where to Recycle Electronics

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  • Collection Events
    Check our Calendar of Events often to find collection events scheduled near you. Learn how to organize a collection event for your community.
  • Donations
    Carefully choose a legitimate charity to avoid passing hazardous waste on to others that may be forced to landfill it, or may sell it to others that ship hazardous waste illegally to foreign countries.
  • Try to Sell it
    Certain electronics may still have value, even if they don’t work. For example, buyers can be found online for cell phones and video gaming consoles. Other items, like GPS units, digital cameras, and Apple products may also be sought by online buyers.

Recycling Locations

The opportunities listed here include recycling companies that specialize in electronics (Yellowstone E-waste Solutions), some regional and national recyclers (Pacific Steel & Recycling, Republic Services), and some offer recycling as part of their business services (P.E.T.E.S. Palmer Electric, Valley Electrical, Oppportunity e-Cycling).

Name/Location Details / Accepts

Yellowstone E-waste Solutions

419 North 15th St
Billings, MT  59101
Statewide Services Available +


Yellowstone Residents recycle for FREE!

  • All electronics accepted
  • Consumer & Business drop-off
  • Collection event expertise
  • Data destruction available
  • Recycling Fees Apply
  • Open:Weds-Saturday,
    10:00 am - 5:00 PM
Pacific Steel & Recycling
Locations statewide:


  • All electronics accepted
  • SOME Recycling Fees Apply
  • FREE recycling for most items
  • Data destruction available
  • Open: Monday-Friday
    8 am to 5 pm


Gallatin County-Logan Landfill
Directions: Take I-90 to Logan, Exit at Logan (Exit 283), take the south frontage road and head east, follow the signs to the County landfill (the road ends at the landfill)
  • All electronics accepted
  • Consumer & Business Drop-off
  • Recycling Fees Apply:
  • Minimum Fee: $5 to drop off electronics
  • Maximum Fee is $27/ton for large amounts
  • Open: Monday-Saturday,
    7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Republic Services
3207 West Broadway
Missoula, MT

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

  • Consumer & business drop-off
  • All electronics accepted
  • Recycling Fees Apply
Palmer Electric Technology Energy Services (P.E.T.E.S.)
2407 Havre Ave
Missoula MT 59801
Tel: 406-543-3086
Fax: 406-543-3093
  • Consumer & business drop-off
  • All electronics accepted
  • Recycling Fees Apply
Valley Electrical Contracting, Inc.
2820-A Latimor Street
Missoula, MT  59808
406-541-4445 Fax
  • Recycles lamps and ballasts
  • Recycling Fees Apply
Opportunity E-cycling
6900 Kestrel Drive #14
Missoula MT 59808
Tel: 406-329-1790
  • Consumer & business drop-off
  • All electronics accepted
  • Data destruction available
  • Recycling Fees May Apply
  • Open: Monday-Friday,
    9 am to 3 pm

Retail Drop-off Programs

You're in luck if one of these retailers is located near you.  This is a convenient, year-round method of recycling scrap electronics. Call and get the details before arriving - just to make sure your equipment qualifies and you know any fees involved.

Retailer Details
Best Buy Certain limitations apply.
Costco Rebate and Recycling Program Recycling not available everywhere
Office Depot Rebate Program; and/or Recycling Program for a fee
RadioShack Trade-In Program
Staples Recycling Program FREE recycling (no televisions)


Donate your unwanted but working equipment to a charitable organization. The National Cristina Foundation is a national organization that provides computers to needy individuals. List unwanted but working equipment on a free, online materials-exchange service, such as Craigslist or Freecycle.

Try to Sell It
Online sites exist just for buying and selling unwanted electronics.  EcoSquid.com and Usell.com are two such sites that allow users to list unwanted items after answering a few questions about their condition.   Other shopping sites, such as E-bay, may also be of assistance in determining any value remaining for your unwanted electronic.