Meth Lab Contaminated Properties

DISCLAIMER: Some of the inhabitable properties identified on this list were provided by the Montana Department of Justice to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality prior to the implementation of House Bill 60 (2005); however, the properties are listed as required by Montana Code Annotated Section 75-10-1306.

If you are the owner or have a legal interest in a property on this list, please contact us.  We are committed to helping those who are impacted now and in the future by the illegal manufacture of meth.

The Department of Environmental Quality is continuing its work to identify and assist those owners who have property identified on this list and help them comply with the laws and rules pertaining to the cleanup of property contaminated by the production of methamphetamine.  Mobile homes and recreational-type vehicles, having contained meth labs, are identified with additional information and listed at the last known address.  These mobile homes and recreational-type vehicles may have been moved from the listed property site.  Please check the serial number on mobile homes and recreational-type vehicles matching the description.

The Methamphetamine Cleanup Program has updated the means by which information is provided to the public by a "live" link to its identified property information. By "live," we mean that identified and verified methamphetamine lab properties that are entered into our database will reflect on our website on the day of data entry through the "live" link.

To view the Meth Lab Contaminated Properties, click on the "live" link below. 

The information displayed in this list is updated continuously and information is listed with the most recent status. If you have any information, questions or comments, please contact DEQ via our home page or by contacting the Meth Program at (406) 444-5300.

Live Link: Meth Lab Contaminated Properties