Methamphetamine (Meth) Cleanup Program

Requesting Public Records and Information

The Montana Meth Cleanup Program (MCP) administers Montana Code Annotated Title 75, chapter 10, part 13, Methamphetamine Contamination-Indoor Property Decontamination Standards (2005), requiring establishment of decontamination standards and procedures for the cleanup of indoor/habitable property contaminated by the illegal manufacture of Meth. The MCP posts known Meth labs on this website and works with property owners, contractors and local health officials to remediate the labs.

The MCP approves the training and certification of contractors and their employees to conduct Meth lab assessment and/or remediation activities in accordance with Administrative Rule of Montana (ARM) 17.74.507. The MCP reviews assessment and remediation reports to determine if cleanup standards have been met and if the property can be removed from this website.

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