Montana Pole and Treating Plant

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 DEQ released the final Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD) for the Montana Pole. See documents section below for both the final ESD and responsiveness summary.  The ESD proposes changes to the original cleanup plan to make the site more protective of human health and the environment. Now that the ESD is complete and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), construction can begin this summer on the final cleanup for the south side of the site allowing for future redevelopment.    

Construction for remediation cleanup will include placing the treated soils in an onsite designated capped area called a Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU). The new cleanup levels will allow for commercial and industrial redevelopment for 27 acres of the site. The remaining 9 acres is the site of the CAMU, which will be comprised of the treated soils area and additional soils removed to achieve the new cleanup levels. The operation and maintenance of the CAMU will be overseen by the state to ensure protectiveness and will have regular Five Year Reviews. Five Year Reviews are a standard process required whenever contamination is safely left onsite. The reviews make sure the site remains protective.     

DEQ, along with the EPA, is hosting two remote meetings via Zoom. Both meetings will include a presentation and opportunity for a question and answer session.       

Neighborhood Meeting:  April 20, 2021 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

This is a local meeting for neighborhood residents to discuss the final ESD. Equally important, DEQ and the local neighborhood residents will identify potential concerns with the construction process—including dust, odors, and traffic—and how those concerns will be addressed.   

EPA Community Public Meeting: April 26, 2021 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  

This is a presentation to the public at EPA’s monthly community meeting on April 26. These meetings are currently monthly and are an opportunity for the public to learn more about Superfund sites in Butte.   

Participants can sign up to attend the meetings held via Zoom and receive instructions about how to access the meeting by registering at:  


Documents & Reports 


Dioxins and Protecting Your Health April 2021
Final Explanation of Significant Differences March 2021
Final Responsiveness Summary March 2021
Explanation of Significant Differences-Summary February 2020

Draft ESD Administrative Record

February 2020
Revised Final Baseline RA 1993
November 2018 Site Update November 2018
October 2018 Site Update October 2018


Fact Sheets

March 2021
October 2020
April 2016
October 2014
June 2013
March 2011
April 2010


Dave Bowers

DEQ Project Manager
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Allie Archer

EPA Project Manager
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Rebecca Harbage

DEQ Public Policy Director, DIR/PUB 
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MT Pole Historic MT Pole MT POLE
Former log storage area.
Aerial view of the southern portion of the site.
Land treatment unit.