Online Search and Mapping Tools

DEQ has developed interactive data search and web mapping applications that allow users to explore data collected and managed by DEQ in support of its mission..."to protect, sustain, and improve a clean and healthful environment to benefit present and future generations." 

DEQ Data Search Tools allow you to search for information about registered hazardous waste handlers in Montana whom have submitted an annual hazardous waste generator report.  These online search applications provide information about facility location, owners and/or operators, business or industry type, types of hazardous wastes generated, and volumes of hazardous waste generated annually. 

DEQ Data Search Tools: Use this search application to look through and download DEQ’s database for information on facilities or locations of registered hazardous waste handlers who have submitted an annual hazardous waste generator report  


To search for information about any, past or present, hazardous waste handlers in Montana, whether they have submitted an annual hazardous waste generator report or not, go to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Envirofacts website.