Priority Mine Sites

Priority Mine Sites

The Priority Mine Sites List was compiled by locating, sampling, scoring and ranking over 300 mine and mill sites in the state starting in 1993.  The sites were evaluated and ranked in order to facilitate the cleanup of the worst sites first.


Abandoned Hard Rock Mine Priority Sites 1995 Summary Report

For ease of downloading, the document is split up into ten sections:

The below documents are supplements to the 1993 and 1994 Hazardous Materials Inventories that were implemented to characterize and rank the extent of environmental problems associated with the Abandoned Hardrock Mine Priority Sites.

Site Ranking List and Current Reclamation Status

Lists of hardrock mine priority sites ranked based on the basis of human health and safety hazards applying the Reclaimed Abandoned and Inactive Mine Scoring System (RAIMSS).  This list guides the Abandoned Mine Section (AMS) reclamation efforts in a "worst first" approach.  Also listed are sites that have been reclaimed by AMS and other agencies.