Alternative Fuels & Transportation

Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels are any fuel other than gasoline and diesel that is used to power motor vehicles of any size. The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992 defines an alternative fuel as:

  • Biodiesel (B100)
  • Natural gas and liquid fuels domestically produced from natural gas
  • Propane (liquefied petroleum gas)
  • Electricity
  • Hydrogen
  • Blends of 85% or more of methanol, denatured ethanol, and other alcohols with gasoline or other fuels
  • Methanol, denatured ethanol, and other alcohols
  • Coal-derived, domestically produced liquid fuels
  • Fuels (other than alcohol) derived from biological materials
  • P-Series fuels

The U.S. Department of Energy may designate other fuels as alternative fuels, provided that the fuel is substantially non-petroleum, yields substantial energy security benefits, and offers substantial environmental benefits.

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