Organizational Structure

The Department of Environmental Quality is split into four divisions. Each division has an Internet home page that contains information specific to that division. Organization charts are also listed below. If you're looking for information on specific topics, please select our search menu.

Division Description
Enforcement Formal enforcement, inspection, monitoring and training, third-party complaint investigations, and emergency spills.

Centralized Services


Provides financial support services for the department, including fiscal and accounting, contracts and purchasing functions, as well as Information Technology services. The Office of Information Technology Services and Financial Services are the main branches of the Centralized Services Division.
Air, Energy & Mining Permit issuance and compliance monitoring for projects relating to air, open cut, hard rock, and coal and uranium mines, and applicable facilities under the Major Facility Siting Act, as well as planning and data maintenance for the energy sectors.
Water Quality
Planning, policy, standards development, and permitting relating to water quality, non-point source management, and groundwater protection.
Waste Management & Remediation Abandoned mine reclamation, hazardous spill cleanup, underground storage tanks and leaking underground storage tanks, petroleum tank release compensation, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (federal Superfund), Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (state Superfund), and Waste Management.