The mission of the Waste Management and Remediation Division is to: protect human health and the environment by preventing exposure to contaminants; work with Montana communities and businesses to implement effective material management and cleanup strategies; and to oversee compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

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The state and each person shall protect, sustain, and improve a clean and healthful environment to benefit present and future generations.  In addition, all lands disturbed by the taking of natural resources shall be reclaimed.

The Waste Management programs focus on integrated waste management from recycling to disposal, issuance of permits, accreditations, certifications and licenses, asbestos abatement, methamphetamine clean-up, and underground storage tank leak prevention oversight.  Several remediation programs within the division address risks to human health and the environment from unpermitted and historical releases of waste to the environment and return contaminated land and water to beneficial uses. These programs include Federal Superfund, State Superfund, Abandoned Mine Lands, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Brownfields, and Groundwater Remediation.