Voluntary Registration (ARM 17.58.323)

An owner or operator may register a petroleum storage tank with the Board for the purposes of determining potential eligibility for reimbursement under the Petroleum Tank Release Cleanup Fund, prior to the discovery of a release at a facility.  A voluntary registration with the Board is sometimes done as part of a property transaction so that the buyer has knowledge of potential eligibility before the facility is purchased.

How to Register a Petroleum Storage Tank with PTRCB

Complete an Application for Voluntary Registration of Petroleum Storage Tanks (Form 1V)

  • All past and present tanks at a facility must be listed on the voluntary registration form.
  • The form must have the notarized signature of the owner/operator.
  • Return the form to the Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board to the address provided on the form, as soon as it is completed.

What Happens to the Application?

The review process can take a few months. The Board staff will: 

  • review the application for completeness and accuracy,
  • seek compliance information from other regulatory agencies, including the following:
    • DEQ Underground Storage Tank program,
    • DEQ Petroleum Tank Cleanup Section,
    • Fire Protection Investigation Bureau,
  • Inform the tank owner or operator of the staff recommendation in writing.

If a regulatory agency has reported non-compliance regarding the operation and management of the petroleum storage tank, the Board may find that the owner or operator is ineligible for reimbursement. If the information on the form establishes potential eligibility and no inaccuracies have been discovered, the Board will issue a statement indicating potential eligibility for reimbursement.