Enforcement Staff

If there is an emergency, please dial 911 to alert local services, then fill out our Spill/Complaint Form or call DEQ Enforcement staff at (406) 444-0379. Spill Reporting Policy
Report a Spill or file a complaint

The Enforcement Program employees listed below are points of contact for citizen complaints, spills, and formal enforcement activities.

  • Complaint or spill information, or if the contact listed below is unavailable, contact Complaint Coordinator Shasta Steinweden, or call: (406) 444-3109
  • Case information, or if the contact listed below is unavailable, contact the Case Coordinator Rich Jost, or call: (406) 444-2857
  • Enforcement Program Manager, Chad Anderson, or call: (406) 444-2964

For Permitting or Long-Term Clean-Up activities, please see the web pages for the Air, Energy & Mining Division, the Water Quality Division or the Waste Management & Remediation Division

Enforcement Technical Staff
Subject Contact Name and Email Phone Number
Air Quality (Emissions, Open Burning, Dust) John Rasmann 444-5328
Asbestos (Inspections, Abatement) John Rasmann 444-5328
Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup & Responsibility (CECRA - State Superfund) Shasta Steinweden 444-3109
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Susan Bawden 444-3390 Kim Speckman 444-1453
Hazardous Waste (Haz Waste, Used Oil, Pesticides) 444-3937
Hard Rock Mining (Quarry, Small Mine, Exploration, Blasting, Metal Mining)

Leea Anderson

Major Facility Siting (Power Plants, Transmission Lines, Pipelines) Shasta Steinweden
Motor Vehicle Recycling and Disposal (Junk Vehicles) 444-3937
Opencut Mining (Gravel, Sand, Topsoil, Alluvial Materials) 444-2711
Public Drinking Water (Public Drinking Water, Sampling, Treatment, Contamination, Operator Certification) Susan Bawden 444-3390
Sanitation in Subdivisions (Plat Deviation, COSA) Margarite Thomas 755-8956
Septic Disposal (Septic, Car Wash Sump Waste) Mike Rieger 444-3937
Solid Waste (Illegal Storage or Disposal) Mike Rieger 444-3937
Spills to Soil & Water (Fuels, Chemicals, Crude Oil, Waste) Shasta Steinweden 444-3109 John Rasmann 444-5328
Strip and Underground Mining (Coal) Leea Anderson 444-2711
Underground Storage Tanks (Leaks, Monitoring, Operator Certification) Kim Speckman 444-1453
Water Quality (Water Pollution, Turbidity, Discharge Permit, Treatment Plant Operators) Susan Bawden 444-3390 Kim Speckman 444-1453