DEQ Human Resources

DEQ employees are an important asset. We empower them to exercise professional judgment in carrying out their duties. We provide them with a safe work place and the training and tools necessary to achieve DEQ’s mission. We encourage team efforts and use the expertise of DEQ’s employees to find solutions that meet the challenges we face.

Our programs include:

Permitting and Compliance

Permitting and compliance functions include air, water, waste management, underground tank, mining, subdivision, public water supply, and junk vehicle programs.

Planning, Prevention, & Assistance

Planning, policy and standards development relating to air quality State Implementation Plans, water quality, non-point source management, groundwater protection and solid waste management.


The Remediation Division is responsible for evaluating the nature and extent of hazardous substance contamination at industrial/commercial, residential, and recreational sites.


The role of the Enforcement Division is to provide environmental protection through the enforcement of all environmental statutes and regulations administered by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Financial Services

Provides financial support services for the department, including fiscal and accounting, contracts and purchasing functions.

Measuring Stream Discharge

Information Technology Services

Provides information technology support services for the department including network and systems administration, applications development, data management and customer support services.

DEQ Positions

DEQ has an array of environmental positions that might be just the job you are looking for. Some of our key positions include:

  • Environmental Science Specialist
  • Air Quality Specialist
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Environmental Enforcement Specialist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Specialist
  • Systems Analyst/Web Site Administrator
  • Financial Specialists
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Mechanical Energy Engineer

Are you a college student interested in
an internship with DEQ?

DEQ Employee in the field, Depth Analysis

Students may work full-time or part-time at DEQ and may be compensated for the work they do or they may participate in the internships on a volunteer basis. Students may also apply for temporary positions with DEQ.