Budgeting Services/Contracts Fiscal Management Bureau

The Fiscal Management Bureau is responsible for the budgeting, accounting, auditing, payroll and benefits, cash receipting, and financial reporting of all agency funds.

Within the bureau, there are four sections as follows:

  1. Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable--Responsible for processing all bills and receipting all cash received through the department.
  2. Budget Analysts--Responsible for the preparation and monitoring of all department budgets in compliance with state laws and federal grant requirements, cash management, and financial reporting for all federal grants.
  3. Auditing--Responsible for internal and external audits of department funds and procedures, and initiating action to recover funds if an audit shows that funds were spent in error.
  4. Payroll--Responsible for tracking and processing all employee time sheets and entering them into the State's payroll system to produce employee paychecks and track employee benefits.