Accounting Services:

Contracts and Purchasing

The purpose of Contracts and Purchasing is to provide the Department of Environmental Quality with the assistance necessary to procure the right services, supplies, and materials at the right time for the right price and delivered to the right place. Contracting and procurement activities strive to be accomplished in a manner requiring a minimum amount of time, a high degree of accuracy and with the most cost savings to the State of Montana. The Contracts and Procurement Bureau maintains current contracting, procurement and asset management policies and procedures, and provides reference materials, training, and assistance to department staff. The bureau also provides fast and accurate sorting of department mail, receiving of shipments, and timely delivery of orders received. The bureau is also responsible for the department's recycling coordination and building management of department occupied buildings in Helena, Kalispell, and Billings in accordance with State law, federal guidelines, and department policy.

This bureau works with department staff to develop contracts and privatization standards to ensure the requirements of the department and the public are met by providing timely, proper, and accurate performance of services. Privatization standards must also include transfer of risk from the state to the contractor and to provide cost effectiveness. The bureau  has final approval authority for all contracts obligating the department.