DEQ Bids and Proposals

The point of access for all formal DEQ procurement opportunities is now the Montana Acquisition and Contracting System (eMACS).  Launched in July 2015 by the Montana State Procurement Bureau (SPB), this system replaces the OneStop Vendor Portal and is intended to establish a fully electronic process from agency publication through vendor response. Through eMACS, registered vendors not only receive automatic email notification of solicitation events published on eMACS, but also email notifications of actions affecting the solicitation event during the process.

In order to submit an electronic response to solicitation events posted through eMACS, vendors must be registered users of the system. Complete information about eMACS is available on the Vendor Resources page of the State Procurement Bureau’s website. This includes how to become a registered vendor and how to respond to solicitation events. Instructions for completing the eMACS vendor registration process are available in the eMACS Handbook entitled: Vendor Registration and Data Management. Directions on how to respond to a solicitation event in eMACS is available through the eMACS Handbook entitled: Responding to Events.

Vendors, both registered and unregistered, may also view what solicitations are currently open on SPB’s  State Bids and Proposals webpage under:  From here vendors may view the event by clicking on the "Open" link or start the process of responding to the solicitation event by clicking the "Respond Now" link. Clicking on either option will transition users to the eMACS log-in screen where vendors will be required to enter their eMACS username and password to access the event.  Vendors not yet registered  will need to click on the "Create an Account" tab to begin the registration process (please see the Vendor Registration and Data Management handbook for complete instructions.)

For more information about this system please can visit the State Procurement Bureau’s website, contact Bonny McCabe with the State Procurement Bureau (406-444-3322 |, or feel free to contact DEQ's Contracts Officer (406-444-3101 |