About the Centralized Services Division

About the Centralized Services Division

The Mission of the Centralized Services Division is to provide quality products and professional services to Department of Environmental Quality staff and programs.

Centralized Services at the Department of Environmental Quality encompasses: the Financial Services Bureau; the Information Technology Bureau; Safety and Emergency Management/Records Management; Operations Project Management and the Human Resources Offices.

The Financial Services Bureau is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of DEQ's budgeting, accounting, reporting, procurement, and contracting services. The bureau provides services to the department in the following areas: accounting, budget and financial management, fiscal reporting, payroll, internal auditing, and procurement,including contracts for services and the purchasing of supplies and equipment.

The Information Technology Bureau provides centralized service and support for most technology related functions, including networks, work stations, the Helpdesk, and data quality and control.

The Records & Information Management program fulfills DEQ's agency-wide legal, financial, and regulatory obligations while promoting public participation and engagement. The program supports transparency to the public and preserves DEQ's memory.

The Human Resources program recognizes that DEQ employees are our most important asset. The program assists DEQ employees to carry out job duties in a professional manner. The program offers training and tools to help employees achieve the mission of the agency. The HR program encourages team efforts and the use of expertise to find solutions to the challenges we face.

The DEQ Safety program assists employees to achieve a safe and healthful workplace while taking steps to mitigate possible hazards. The Safety program fosters a business culture that promotes safety in the workplace and reduces the incidence of occupational injury and illness.

The Operations Project Manager is responsible for emergency response according to DEQ's Emergency Operations Plan and supports Incident Command System training for all DEQ staff. The manager is also responsible for specific assigned projects, ensuring their success in support of DEQ's mission, goals, and objectives.


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