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The mission of the Air, Energy & Mining Division is to: protect human health and the environment by promoting clean air and minimizing pollution; work with Montana communities and stakeholders to permit and regulate hard rock, coal and opencut mining; and to provide information to Montanans on the full spectrum of energy resources, including production, conservation, and renewable opportunities.

The Air, Energy & Mining Division reviews and assesses permit and license applications to determine whether Montana environmental laws and rules have been met to protect the quality of the state's air, water, and land.

The Air and Mining Bureaus work with other programs to prepare appropriate environmental review documents to comply with the Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). This work may include coordination and preparation of environmental assessments and environmental impact statements.

The Energy Bureau offers information to citizens, schools, businesses and local and state government to conserve energy, promote renewable and alternative energy forms, while compiling statistics on the full spectrum of energy production, generation, and consumption in Montana.