Air Compliance Program

The Air Compliance Program is responsible for administering those portions of the Clean Air Act (CAA) of Montana (Section 75-2-101 et seq., MCA) and companion regulations pertaining to compliance of air emissions from various types of facilities including delegated federal regulations.

Air Compliance Program Duties
  • Regulating emissions of criteria and hazardous pollutants regulated in the CAA and ACA in potentially environmentally sensitive, heavily industrialized, heavily populated and diverse topographic environments throughout the entire state;
  • Conducting regular compliance inspections of all operating facilities and reviewing compliance reports;
  • Recommending enforcement actions to the bureau chief;
  • Identifying the need for and reviewing draft legislation and administrative rules;
  • Actively participating in the development of department policy regarding air quality standards and compliance processes;
  • Coordinating and participating in a variety of technical, public and general information meetings with other state and federal agencies, special interest groups, landowners, private business and the general public regarding compliance with air quality standards;
  • Collecting and managing extensive correspondence, map and data files, pertaining to air emissions using, to the extent available, state-of-the-art computer technology;
  • Gathering a wide diversity of information on emissions, emission controls, regulation and the related fields - engineering, chemistry, computer programs, etc. We then use and disseminate the information to industry, government agencies and the general public.