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Common Native and Invasive Wetland Plants in Montana Booklet

Thank you for your interest in identifying common native and invasive wetland plants in Montana. We developed this booklet, primarily for the non-botanist, to assist in identifying potential wetland areas based on the present. Because wetland management and regulation is complex, we wanted to provide a basic tool to assist local government staff and decision makers, among others, in identifying potential wetland areas. This booklet is not meant to be used to identify the jurisdictional boundaries of a wetland, but rather to identify potential wetlands that may need further evaluation by a trained wetland scientist.

If you are in Helena a free copy can be obtained from the Wetland Program in the MT DEQ building, 1520 East 6th Ave. Hard copies can also be obtained at different locations across the state. Click here for a map of the location closest to you. For information on obtaining a hard copy in other locations please contact Janelle Egli at or 406-444-4643.

You can view or print the booklet online by clicking on the front cover below.

Common Native and Invasive Wetland Plants in Montana

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Common Native and Invasive Wetland Plants in MT

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