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Discharges Associated with
Portable Suction Dredges

The purpose of the Portable Suction Dredge General Permit (General Permit) is to regulate wash water effluent from portable suction dredges, to state waters in accordance with effluent limitations, monitoring requirements and other conditions set

Montana Stream
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forth in Parts I, II, III and IV of the General Permit. A written authorization letter from the Department is required before an applicant is authorized to discharge under the General Permit.

Applicants must also seek authorization under a Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (Section 310) permit from the local Conservation District for recreational suction dredging.  Applying for a 310 permit is required and has no cost.  Therefore, DEQ recommends obtaining 310 permit authorization prior to applying for authorization under the fee-required General Permit for Portable Suction Dredging.