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We recognize protecting Montana’s environment is a responsibility that is best achieved through cooperation and the sharing of information. By sharing resources and information routinely and effectively, we can continue to provide the tools and information necessary to protect Montana waters.

Water and Wastewater Certified Operators:

Certified water and wastewater operators are essential for the protection of public health and the environment. Montana’s Operator Certification program ensures public water and wastewater systems are operated by properly trained and qualified individuals. Learn about training opportunities for operators and how to become a certified water or wastewater operator.

Construction - SWPPP Preparer and Administrator Training:

The Storm Water Construction General Permit requires that Source Water Protection Plan (SWPPP) Preparers and Administrators demonstrate they have been trained to the minimum requirements in the permit. Below is a list of training providers for SWPP Preparers and Administrators.

Disclaimer: Montana DEQ does not endorse, control, or sponsor these websites or control the information provided in the training programs. It is the responsibility of the permittee to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

View Minimum Requirements for SWPPP Preparer and Administrator Training Programs

Altitude Training Associates -

Classes offered for SWPPP Preparer and Administrator:

  • BMP 201: SWPPP Preparer and Administrator
  • BMP 201(R): SWPPP Preparer and Administrator

Storm WaterOne -

Classes offered for SWPPP Preparer and Administrator:

  • QPSWPPP-MT Refresher
  • QCIS-MT Refresher

Territorial-Landworks, Inc -

Classes offered for SWPPP Preparer and Administrator:

  • SWPPP Administration Certification Program
  • SWPPP Administration Refresher Program

Water and Environmental Technologies - WET -

Classes offered for SWPPP Preparer and Administrator:

  • WET SWPPP Preparer and Administrator Certificate Program
  • WET SWPPP Preparer and Administrator Recertification Program

Clean Water Technologies -

Classes offered for SWPPP Preparer and Administrator:

  • CESCL (Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Lead) Certification

Subdivision--Storm Water Management Training

The new Storm Water Circular (DEQ-8) became effective August 11, 2018. For information on the updated circular and rule changes you can view the DEQ-8 Training Presentation here.

Additional Training Opportunities

Seminars and Training Related to Water and Wastewater