System Design and Construction

DEQ assists communities with constructing and maintaining wastewater and drinking water infrastructure that provides safe drinking water and produces effluent that protects human health and the environment. DEQ’s engineering staff review plans and specifications for new public water and wastewater systems or requests to modify existing systems to ensure compliance with Design Standards. DEQ is also the administrating agency for the State Revolving Fund Loan Programs that provide below market interest loans for eligible wastewater, drinking water, and nonpoint source pollution projects.


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Kevin Smith, Engineering Bureau Chief 444-1277


Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Mark Smith, Engineering Manager 444-5325

Robert Ashton 444-5316

John McDunn 444-6782


Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund

Mike Abrahamson 444-6776

Terry Campbell 444-7343

Michele Marsh 444-5322


Plan Review Engineers

Denver Fraser | 444-5318

Paul Simonich | 444-6713

Matt Waite - Billings Office | 406-247-4455

Emily Gillespie - Kalispell Office | 406-755-8979


Subdivision Design and Approval

Rachel Clark | Section Supervisor | 444-6722

Jim Kujawa | 444-2825

Deanne Fischer | 444-1504

Janet Skaarland | 444-1801

Ashley Kroon | 461-9844