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Composting Facilities

"Large composter operation" is a composting operation that does not meet the definition of small composter operation.  Co-composters and facilities that accept sewage sludge for composting are large composter operations.

"Small composter operation" is a composting operation that:
(a) has less than two acres of active working area;
(b) accepts less than 10,000 cubic yards annually; and
(c) produces less than 1,000 tons of compost annually; and either:
     (i) accepts primarily yard waste, with a maximum of 25% barn or farm waste, by weight; or 
     (ii) accepts primarily farm or barn waste.

Click on a link below to open the application form.  The form may then be completed online, printed, and mailed with all required attachments to the address below.

Permitting & Compliance Division
Waste and Underground Tank Management Bureau
Solid Waste Program
PO Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620-0901

Compost License Application:

Compost License Renewal:


Operation Size

Application Review Fee

Annual License Fee
Annual Disposal
License Transfer
Large Compost Operations $3,600 $1,800 $0.00 $480
Small Compost Operations $0 $0 $0.00 $0