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Asbestos Accreditations Search Asbestos Accreditations Search
This search tool is designed to assist you in finding Montana-accredited Asbestos Inspectors who have agreed to release their information to the public. Currently-Accredited Montana Asbestos Inspectors Program page
Approved Asbestos Project Permits Search Asbestos Project Permits Search
This search tool will return approved Asbestos Project Permits with project dates greater than the search date used.
CWAIC Clean Water Act Information Center
The Center conveys information about the quality of Montana's rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands in relation to Montana's Water Quality Standards. Specifically, it displays the results of water quality assessments made on the basis of available water monitoring data. This site is not intended as a means of accessing water quality monitoring field data.
Data Search Tools Data Search Tools
This tool allows you to search several databases for information on facilities or locations that DEQ monitors, permits, regulates, or remediates.
Meth Contaminated Properties List
This list identifies properties contaminated by the production of methamphetamine. DEQ is currently helping property owners comply with the laws and rules during the cleanup of property contaminated by methamphetamine production.
Public Water Supply Queries 

Montana Drinking Water Watch (MT DWW) allows direct public access to a wide range of public water supply system information. This information is drawn directly from Montana's Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS/MT). It is real-time, meaning the information presented is current in the database as of the time the request is made.

Search Opencut Permits Search Opencut Permits
View and download Opencut applications and permits.
Source Water Protection Query System Source Water Protection Query System
The Source Water Protection Program (SWPP) Query System makes it easy to access source water assessment reports, plot a public water supply (PWS) on a map, or display information that exists in an area surrounding a PWS well. More than twenty data sets can be accessed through the SWPP Query System. The system was originally developed to help evaluate each PWS's susceptibility to potential contaminant sources. However, it is a useful tool for displaying information that can help answer a wide range of questions related to land and water resources.
Water Quality Library Water Quality Library Search
Use this link to search DEQ's Water Quality Planning Library Database.

Water Quality Library Transmittal Form
When submitting deliverables to the DEQ Water Quality Planning Bureau please complete and submit the transmittal form per contract agreement.

Wildfire Updates Wildfire Smoke Updates
Daily smoke updates for the duration of forest fire emergencies. Most Recent Wildfire Smoke Update
AQ Winter Updates Winter Air Quality Updates
Daily updates of current conditions in communities during winter months when stagnation episodes can result in unhealthy levels of particulate pollution. This is a link to the "Most Recent Winter Air Quality Update."