Asbestos Advisory Group Information

 Document Name Type
40 CFR 763.83  PDF
40 CFR 61.141 PDF
40 CFR Part 763, Subpart E, Appendix C PDF
AAG Members in Groups  PDF
AAG Primer - Draft PDF
AAG Survey PDF
AAG Survey Results PDF
ACP Accreditation Workflow Flowchart PDF
ACP Complaint Flowchart PDF
ACP Project Permit Workflow Flowchart PDF
ACP Revenue and Expenditures PDF
ACP Review and Issuing of Permits PDF
Agency Response to AAG Recommendations PDF
ARM Chapter 74, Subchapter 3 PDF
Asbestos Awareness Handout PDF
Asbestos Compliance slides PDF
Asbestos Definitions   PDF
Asbestos Laws, Rules and Regulations flowchart PDF
Asbestos Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Focus Areas {DF
Asbestos Fee Rule ARM 17.74.359, 17.74.364, 17.74,401-3 Proposal PDF
August Posters PDF
Charter PDF
Colorado Asbestos Regulations Pertaining to Solid Waste Sites and Facilities PDF
Colorado Emission Standards for Asbestos PDF
Doodle Poll 1st Quarter PDF
Draft Recommendation - 01 PDF
Draft Recommendation - 02 PDF
Draft Recommendation - 03 PDF
Draft Recommendation - 05 PDF
Draft Recommendation - 06 PDF
Enforcement and Cleanup Interest Areas - Draft  PDF
Funding Possible Interest Areas - Draft  PDF
Major Issue Enforcement Focus Group - Draft  PDF
Major Issue Fee Focus Group - Draft PDF
Major Issue Permitting Focus Group - Draft PDF
Major Issue State & Federal Focus Group - Draft PDF
Montana Code Annotated 75-2-502 PDF
Montana NESHAP & AHERA MAP Delegation PDF
Montana NESHAP Delegation 1977 PDF
Montana NESHAP Delegation 1988 PDF
Permitting Possible Interest Areas - Draft PDF
Posters - Final 11-2-2016 pdf
Posters R1-R6 PDF
Posters R1-R6 - revised - 01 PDF
Posters R7-R14 PDF
Posters R7-R14 - revised - 01 PDF
Proposed Fee Rule Summary PDF
Proposed Fee Rule Detailed Summary PDF
Proxy Form PDF
Recommendation Form PDF
Recommendations on Asbestos Regulations PDF
Recommendations on Asbestos Regulation Final PDF
September Posters PDF
State & Federal Regulations comments - Draft PDF
State & Federal Regulations Possible Interest Areas - Draft PDF
SWAC Comment Letter PDF
Vacancy Announcement - 01 PDF