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Energy and Pollution Prevention Bureau

The Energy and Pollution Prevention Bureau works to improve energy efficiency in buildings; increase the use of renewable energy; provide analysis of energy trends and issues; prepare for energy emergencies; prevent pollution of air, water, and land in order to sustain and improve a clean and healthful environment.

Key Initiatives

Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings — lead by example with financing program for cost effective energy savings in state-owned buildings and encourage energy efficiency in local governments.

Energy Efficiency in Residential and Commercial Buildings — offer training on applications of 2009 building energy code, radon detection and mitigation, and high performance buildings. 

Renewable Energy for Homes and Small Businesses — finance small scale renewable energy systems through a revolving loan program.

Energy Policy and Energy Emergency Preparedness — collect and publish energy data, review applications for tax incentives, develop energy emergency plan, analyze energy policy options. 

Transportation Efficiency and New Fuels — promote the use of bio-diesel and other alternative liquid fuels and encourage idle reduction for energy efficiency and air quality benefits. 

Environmental Compliance for Small Businesses — assist small business to better understand and comply with air, water, and waste regulations and serve as ombudsman for the small business community. 

Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing and Business Development — encourage energy efficiency in small manufacturing and the development of new and renewable energy businesses.