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The Montana Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board

In the News...April 2014


New PTRCB Office

In October of last year (2013) we were abruptly relocated to temporary housing from the Last Chance Gulch (LCG) building.  We have now been relocated to what we hope will be our permanent PTRCB office.  The street address is 1209 8th Ave, Helena, MT.

Our phone numbers have also changed with this move.  They are listed below or you may click the Board Staff Contacts link in the left margin of our web pages.

Our email addresses have not changed.


Main Line 406-444-9710
Fax Line 406-444-9711
Terry Wadsworth 406-444-9712
Ann Root 406-444-9713
Janet Adolph 406-444-9714
Paul Hicks 406-444-9715
Dave Cattrell 406-444-9716
Brandon Kingsbury 406-444-9717


Subscribe to our Email Lists

 We would like to remind or encourage you (especially owners, operators and consultants) to subscribe to our Email List(s).  This is the tool we use to broadcast updates and new information about our program. There is also a link to this process in the left margin of our pages.

Claim Form 3 (Claim for Reimbursement)

We want to thank those of you who are using our new claim forms correctly.  We have begun to return those claim forms that have a revised date older than 9-17-2013, located at the bottom of each page of the form.  We have revised our Form 3 for better communication and more timely reimbursements. 

The new version has a box (#4) designated for a "Payee", which is now titled "Payable to:" (for clarity), and we require this box to be populated with the Name and Address of the person or company we are to reimburse for each particular claim.  Please be sure to fill in this box.  If the information is the same as one of the other boxes, feel free to type "Same as Owner", for example, if the owner is being reimbursed.  We would appreciate that the "Claimant" box be completed as well - even if you only type in "Same as Payee", for example, if the "Payable to:" is the claimant.  Contact Janet Adolph or Ann Root if you have questions after you've reviewed the Form 3 Instructions.