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Opencut Mining Permit Forms And Guidelines


Request For Pre-Application Meeting

The Program strongly recommends that operators submit a Request For Pre-Application Meeting form prior to preparing any permit, amendment, or assignment application.  

  1. Request For Pre-Application Meeting - Word

A - Master Guidance Documents

This guidance document is a MUST READ for all permitting activities:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions -PDF
  2. How To Obtain And Comply With An Opencut Mining Permit -PDF
  3. Electronic Submittal of Opencut Documents - PDF

B - Permit And Amendment Applications

Use the following documents to apply for an Opencut Mining Permit or Amendment:

  1. Operator Application Checklist - Word
  2. Opencut Mining Plan Of Operation And Application Word
  3. Landowner Consultation - Word
  4. Zoning Compliance - Word
  5. Surface Landowners List - Excel
  6. Boundary Coordinate Table - Excel 
  7. Reclamation Bond Spreadsheet - Excel

C - Bond Forms

One of the following bonding instruments is also required:

  1. Cash Bond - Word
  2. Irrevocable Letter Of Credit - Word
  3. Property Bond - Word
  4. Savings Certificate Assignment> - Word
  5. Surety Bond - Word

D - Other Applications And Forms

Use the following documents for various permitting functions as appropriate:

  1. Limited Opencut Operation- Word
  2. DRAFT 2014 Limited Opencut Operation Rule - ARM 17.24.226 - PDF
  3. Decline Public Meeting - Word
  4. Request To Commence Operations In Non-Bonded Area - Word
  5. Application For Assignment Of Opencut Mining PermitWord
  6. Additional Test Hole Data - Excel
  7. Additional Well Data Excel

E - Release Request Form

Upon Completion of Reclamation, use the following form to request Liability or Bond Release:

  1. Release Request - Word

F - Guidelines

The following documents provide technical guidance for Opencut Mining Permitting:

  1. Ground Water Guideline - PDF
  2. Identifying Well Logs Within A Specific Radius - PDF
  3. Map Guideline - PDF
  4. Pond Guideline - PDF
  5. Seed Mix Guideline - PDF
  6. Stream/Waterway Guideline - PDF
  7. Wash Plant Settling Pond Guideline - PDF