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Keystone XL Pipeline

December 22, 2008 DEQ received an application from TransCanada and ConocoPhillips for a Certificate of Compliance under the Major Facility Siting Act to construct and operate a 36-inch crude oil pipeline in eastern Montana. Keystone is a limited liability company, organized under the laws of the State of Delaware, and owned equally by affiliates of TransCanada Corporation, a Canadian public company organized under the laws of Canada, and ConocoPhillips Company, a Delaware corporation. The 280-mile portion of the pipeline in Montana would be part of a longer 1,980-mile project beginning in Hardisty, Alberta, and ending along the Texas Gulf Coast. On March 30, 2012 DEQ issued a certificate of Compliance for the project. It may be viewed at the Keystone Certificate page. 

On September 2, 2011 the US Department of State released the Final EIS. Montana DEQ is a cooperating agency on the Final EIS. The DEIS, SDEIS, and the Final EIS can be found by following the link the various links found below: 

Final Environmental Impact Statement


Additional project information can be viewed at TransCanada Website:

For more information about the project contact Craig Jones at (406) 444-0514.


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