Recycling Facility

A Solid Waste Management System is a system that controls the storage, treatment, recycling, recovery, or disposal of solid waste.  A license from the Solid Waste Program is required for the operation of a solid waste management system.  A recycling facility that is not regulated under the Motor Vehicle Recycling and Disposal Program must be licensed by the Solid Waste Program.

ARM 17.50.403(36) defines recycling as:

"Recycling" means the process by which materials otherwise destined for disposal are collected, reprocessed or remanufactured, and reused.

Further, reuse, recyclables, and recycling facility are defined as follows:

ARM 17.50.403(43) "Reuse" is the use of a product more than once in its same form for the same purpose; e.g., a soft drink bottle is reused when it is returned to the bottling company for refilling;

ARM 17.50.403(35) "Recyclables" are materials that still have useful physical or chemical properties after serving their original purpose and that can, therefore, be reused or remanufactured into additional products; and,

ARM 17.50.403(37) "Recycling facility" means a facility, generally open to the public, that handles only source-separated or presorted material for the purpose of recycling either in bulk or in container(s) with a total site capacity of more than 40 cubic yards.

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Waste and Underground Tank Management Bureau
Solid Waste Program
PO Box 200901
Helena, MT 59620-0901

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